For barrels washing

The SBW (Simple barrel washer, one position) machine, was designed to feed the needs of the market, with a very economic price in the washing drums (for non-automated reconditioning drum). Its principle of operation would be the same, with its systematic ARECO 1-5.

Also, accessories, pumps, motors etc., will be the same. The only difference is that all the working will be in one position. PLC unit will control the operation of washing. You can set from PLC:
a) the time washing with caustic soda (NaOH) solution
b) intermediate time
c) the time washing with water There are also two tanks of 200 lts, heated by electric heaters. Thermostats control the temperature.The one tank has NaOH solution and the other, water.

The operator places the drum with the hole downwards, on proper position. Selects the function "Automatic" and presses START. The machine perform steps a - b - c and stops. The operator then removes the drum.




0,6 - 0,9 lt/drum

Waste liquids

0,6 - 0,9 lt/drum

NaOH (caustic soda)

20 - 30 gr/drum



Production capacity 15 - 35 drums/ hr
Total power 5,5 kw
Required power supply 380V / 3phase
Dimensions 1000(L) x 1500(W) x 1800 mm(H)
• Closed circuit tanks  
• CE marked  










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